8th April 2014


I am writing to you as the Secretary of the Joint Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Cambrian Coast Conference to forward the media release (see below) from Welsh Government: it represents the culmination of much effort over the years by the Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Railway Liaison Committee and our Cambrian Coast colleagues.  We wish to thank the many people and organisations that have helped us to make the case for an improved service. We also extend our congratulations to our colleagues on the Heart of Wales Line, who have also received excellent news today.

We are to expect an enhanced service from May 2015 and we will be carrying out further work aimed at helping us to influence the specification for the 2018 franchise. We hope that this will ultimately result in further service improvements.

The Chairman of the Shrewsbury Aberystwyth RLC will be writing to thank Mrs Hart for the hard-won  investment in the Cambrian lines: particularly significant at a time when resources are so stretched.

Please note that the precise final timetable is still work in progress and we will inform you at the earliest opportunity when a finalised timetable is agreed..


 Robert Robinson

 Robert Robinson FRICS AILCM Secretary