UPDATES – November & December 2020



Network Rail can confirm the following:

  • Pant Eidal – the dates for this work have changed and it will now be done in the Barmouth possession – more details to follow
  • Traeth Mawr – 13-21 Feb 2021 to replace timber elements
  • Black Bridge – 10 Apr – 9 May 2021
  • Barmouth – 12 Sep-12 Dec 2021

6th December 2020 – Welsh Government Transport Strategy document is posted here. The proposed response is posted here. Any comments should be received by the secretary no later than 31st December 2020.

5th December 2020 = Minutes of the Full Meeting by Zoom – 4th December 2020 IS posted here.

4th December 2020 – Future Plan 2020-2025 (approved) is posted here.

Agenda for a Full Meeting by Zoom – 4th December 2020 11.15am is posted here – Supporting papers can be found in the documents section.

UPDATES – October 2020

22nd October 2020 – Minutes of Executive Meeting held on 22nd October 2020 are posted here.

22nd October 2020 – Report on Wales Transport Strategy Conference is posted here.

16th October 2020 – Closure of part of Cambrian Lines 16th October to 4th November for works on the viaduct (maybe earlier if works go well) – buses replace trains between Tywyn and Barmouth. Full details of bus services are shown on the National Rail web sites (including Transport for Wales) and at the stations concerned. There will be further closures in due course.

5th October – A full meeting of the Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Rail Liaison Committee will be held on Friday 4th December 2020 at 11.15am. An agenda will posted here soon and details will be emailed to members.

1st October – The agenda for a meeting of the Executive is to be held on Monday 22nd October 2020 is posted here.

UPDATES – Sept 2020

28th September – Next full meeting to be held by Zoom on Friday 13th November 2020 at 11.15am. Members wishing to take part should email the secretary supercommuter@mail.com and the entry details will be issued to you.

25th September – Minutes of meeting with Welsh Government regarding the provision of new trains is posted here.

18th September – Latest Newsletter from SARLC is posted here.

8th September – Minutes of Executive Meeting being held on 7th September are posted here.

7th September – Revised constitution for approval when a full meeting can be held in posted under Governance.

UPDATES – August 2020

23rd August – Remote meeting with ministers senior officers regarding the new trains for Wales and the Cambrian Lines to be held later in September.

17th August – Rail Use extended in Wales – see Welsh Government announcement posted here.

6th August – TfW August newsletter is posted here.

5th August – Agenda for Executive Meeting on 7th September is posted here.

3rd August – It is hoped to host a Zoom meeting in October for all members, details will follow during early September.

UPDATES – July 2020

27th July – Agenda for Executive Meeting planned to be held on 29th July at 10.30am is posted here. The meeting has bee postponed with a new date being 7th September 2020.

9th July – Consultation from Welsh Government on Scoping Report for Wales Transport Strategy – see documents section for details. If Members have any comments on the proposed response from the Committee they should contact the Secretary no later than 27th July 2020.

6th July – Tranport for Wales Update affecting some stations with short platforms. The press release is posted here.

25th June – Future Plan 2020-2021 – The final draft is now completed and will be adopted at the Executive Meeting held at the end of July subject to any final comments received by 27th July 2020. A copy of the plan is posted here.


25th June 2020 – Minutes of Executive Meeting held on 24th June here.

18th June 2020 – Latest update from Transport for Wales is posted here.

11th June 2020 – Agenda for next Executive is posted under the normal agenda heading.

4th June 2020 – Latest updates for the Cambrian Lines (including an announcement on Carno Station) is posted here.

1st June 2020 – Letter sent to Minister regarding the design of the new trains for the Cambrian Lines. In particular with regard to less seating, less toilets and less units to support the service. A report on the Ministers response will be posted when it is available.

1st June 2020 – Final version of the Future Plan for 2020 to 2025 is posted here. Any final comments or objections to the plan should be received by the Secretariat by no later than 22nd June 2020. If there are no objections or further comments the Executive will adopt the Plan at the end of June 2020.

UPDATES for MAY 2020

28th May 2020 – Executive meeting – Minutes

19th May 2020 – Article on train toilets on new trains posted here.

15th May 2020 – TFW consultation on car parking – final submission taking on board memvers comments is posted in documents.

1st May 2020 – Update on Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Rail Liaison Committee is here.

23rd April 2020 – Committee administration for Lockdown period is here.

Transport for Wales update

Latest News Update from Transport for Wales: 14th April 2020:

• TFW continue to operate a much reduced service and we are adapting it to the needs of key workers. Passengers counts are being conducted and if you have any feedback on timings of services, do let me know

• Stickers/signage has been produced to remind passengers of maintaining social distancing – these will be issued at stations, on trains etc (where ever people tend to dwell/loiter)

• Reported events – BTP and security are doing a great job, ensuring our station spaces are safe – many of the events reported were in fact interventions (i.e. issues are dealt with before they escalate) and staff are not putting themselves at risk

• For information – a Covid Symptoms app has been launched: https://gov.wales/new-app-launched-track-and-trace-coronavirus

Rail Replacement Service (RRS):

• RRS timetables are based on original train plans and not the Amended Contingency Timetable (Except Monday Shrewsbury to Birmingham which had been re-planned to a Sunday Service).

• Bus operators have enacted social distancing protocols on their vehicles and capacity has been reduced in order to enable this.