Transport for Wales update

Latest News Update from Transport for Wales: 14th April 2020:

• TFW continue to operate a much reduced service and we are adapting it to the needs of key workers. Passengers counts are being conducted and if you have any feedback on timings of services, do let me know

• Stickers/signage has been produced to remind passengers of maintaining social distancing – these will be issued at stations, on trains etc (where ever people tend to dwell/loiter)

• Reported events – BTP and security are doing a great job, ensuring our station spaces are safe – many of the events reported were in fact interventions (i.e. issues are dealt with before they escalate) and staff are not putting themselves at risk

• For information – a Covid Symptoms app has been launched:

Rail Replacement Service (RRS):

• RRS timetables are based on original train plans and not the Amended Contingency Timetable (Except Monday Shrewsbury to Birmingham which had been re-planned to a Sunday Service).

• Bus operators have enacted social distancing protocols on their vehicles and capacity has been reduced in order to enable this.