25th June 2020 – Minutes of Executive Meeting held on 24th June here.

18th June 2020 – Latest update from Transport for Wales is posted here.

11th June 2020 – Agenda for next Executive is posted under the normal agenda heading.

4th June 2020 – Latest updates for the Cambrian Lines (including an announcement on Carno Station) is posted here.

1st June 2020 – Letter sent to Minister regarding the design of the new trains for the Cambrian Lines. In particular with regard to less seating, less toilets and less units to support the service. A report on the Ministers response will be posted when it is available.

1st June 2020 – Final version of the Future Plan for 2020 to 2025 is posted here. Any final comments or objections to the plan should be received by the Secretariat by no later than 22nd June 2020. If there are no objections or further comments the Executive will adopt the Plan at the end of June 2020.