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19th March 2013


Below are some offences of interest recorded for the line between Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury for the past 6 months but excludes Shrewsbury itself due to the fact that it is the centre hub for all lines. This can be provided for specific issues if requested.


On 13th October 2012 officers attended Machynlleth station following a report of an intoxicated male. The male became instantly abusive towards officers and due his continued behaviour he was arrested and later charged with being Drunk and Disorderly.


On 15th November 2012 a bicycle was stolen from Aberystwyth station. It had been left there for some time in an area where there is no CCTV. Due to the time period and lack of CCTV, no offenders were identified.


On 15th December, youths were seen to trespass on the tracks by a train driver passing through the Newtown area. Officers were deployed and searched the area with a negative result.


On 6th February, a vehicle was broken into whilst parked on the station car park at Newtown railway station. The vehicle was rifled through and a few CD’s stolen. CCTV was not covering the location and this was not witnessed by anyone.


On 9th March 2013, BTP were patrolling trains between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth and attention was drawn to a male who was causing hassle towards the bus rail replacement driver. This male was abusive towards the officer who approached him and refused to calm down. His continued behaviour led to his arrest and was later charged with Drunk & Disorderly.


There have been a few other incidents of railway trespass but these have been sporadic and don’t create a regular pattern with regards to times and locations.

Other matters;

Generally crime remains low on the Aberystwyth to Shrewsbury line. BTP officers, including Machynlleth based officer PC Rob Newman, have continued to monitor the last train from Aberystwyth to Newtown on Saturday nights and behaviour has generally been good. We will continue to monitor this service as we enter Spring and hen and stag parties start travelling. Where alcohol is involved, understandably this train can be noisier than most other services and this will continue to be monitored and we will maintain regular liaison with ATW conductor’s. 


BTP Community Support Officers have carried out numerous weekly patrols on this line and recently have received reports of youths gathering in the evening at Borth station. Last week PCSO’s carried out numerous high profile evening patrols in Borth and the Aberystwyth trains and liaised with youths in the town. No issues were observed but this will be monitored over the next few weeks to prevent this location being a hang out for the local youth groups.

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