October 2011 issue of newsletter




The Liaison Group

There is a group of interested parties who meet three times a year to monitor and help improved and maintain a great service on the Mid Wales Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth Railway Line.

The group comprises Arriva Trains Wales, Network Rail, Rail Partnership, TraCC, MP and AM’s County Councils, Community and Town Councils, Aberystwyth University and others such as the rail passenger association.


Welshpool Station


The footbridge over Welshpool Station is due to be resurfaced soon which will be great news for passengers.  A Powys Officer was seen measuring the surfaces on 14th October so it is hoped the work will start soon.

The disabled bays have been remarked.


The ETRMS and the Mid Wales line


The Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth service a few years ago was unreliable, poor and Arriva Trains Wales was bombarded by complaints almost daily.  This changed until the ETRMS system arrived when the service was again uncertain.

However, now that the teething troubles are disappearing the service is again running well.  The system can now cope with an hourly service very soon subject to the Welsh Assembly approval and funding.


Station improvements


There is a programme of station improvements at Aberystwyth and at Shrewsbury.  In addition there are Visual Display Units to be installed on all stations along the line, Welshpool should have its screen in place within a few weeks.


Partnership Working

The railway is working with local organisations along the line to promote the railway together with local events.  The three events identified so far are the Lantern Procession in Machynlleth (a special train is being run for this event) as well as the Welshpool Winter Festival and the Welshpool Air Show.  Arriva Trains already works with Cosford Air Show.


Welshpool Station Car Park

The station car park at Welshpool is now managed by Welshpool Town Council and abuse of the car park monitored.  Since the monitoring started the parking availability is much improved.


The hourly train service

There is no new news on the hourly train service until the Welsh Assembly Railway Report to be issued sometime during nearly November 2011.


What did we talk about

The rail committee met on 14th October and considered reports on the Mid Wales line from Arriva Trains, Network Rail, the Rail Partnership and TraCC.

Full details are in the minutes of the meeting to be found on the Web Site.

Web Site Information

The association has its own web site which is updated regularly and all can see agenda, minutes and updates on activities.

The web site is at   www.Shrewsburyaberystwythrailcommittee.org