25th March 2011


MINUTES of a meeting held at the

Town Hall Welshpool on Friday 25th March 2011 at 11.15am

This meeting was held as the regular meeting of  the Committee




Cllr M Williams Chair Shropshire Council

R A Robinson Secretary Welshpool Town Council

Naomi Allen Aberystwyth University Student Union

Cllr F Torrens Powys CC and Newtown Town Council

D Crunkhorn   Arriva Trains Machynlleth

M Collis of Kerry Community Council

Cllr M Benjamin Aberystwyth Town Council

R Mason Cambrian Rail Partnership

R Goodhew Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth Rail Passenger Association

G Evans Powys Council

Inspector D Davies British Transport Police

Carl James PCSO British Transport Police

Chris Wilson TraCC

Cllr J Gibson  Shropshire Council



T Roberts   Gwynedd Council

Ben Davies Arriva Trains

G Jones Cambrian Rail Partnership

Cllr M Williams

Mark Williams MP Ceredigion

Cllr G Edwards Ceredigion Council

D Koring Rail Development Officer Shropshire Council

Wyn Williams Prospective AM

A Wallbank Caersws Community Council

Cllr P James Vice Chair Ceredigion Council

C Jones  Network Rail



These were approved as a correct record with some minor alterations to the attendance list.




The reports are to be available before the meeting from the Rail related companies.

Those reports which were provided in advance (TRaCC, Rail Partnership, Arriva Trains Wales) were posted on the Web Site in advance.


Invoices to be sent to Ceredigion and Shropshire Councils. Powys to be chased up.

Payment has been received from Shropshire County Council.  No response from either PCC or CCC.  Invoices were produced for County Councillors to take away and pass onto their respective Councils.


Network Rail questions to be presented and published on the web site.

Questions asked at the last meeting were passed to Network Rail but to date with no response.


Letter on the Welshpool footbridge on surfacing and lighting to be sent to Steve Holdaway of Powys County Council.

Confirmation has been received that the bridge is being resurfaced by PCC.

The white lining on the car park is also programmed to be completed.


Web site domain page to be put in place.

The web site domain site has been completed.


Bank account with signatories to be finalised.

The bank account is ready to open, the chair will sign the forms at the end of the meeting and the bank account opening will be completed.


The rail reports are to go out by post for this time.

Rail reports were issued with the last minutes.


New agenda process to be put in place.

The agenda for meetings is posted on the web site in advance.



An update was given on the hourly train service.  The ERTMS is due to go live on Monday 28th March.

Final trials for the ERTMS have taken place.

Currently there is a commitment by the WAG on funding, the final date for implementation is still to be confirmed – sometime May to December 2011.


5.00    POLICE

The police gave a short report which outlined some of the crime figures over the last period.  The crime levels are generally low.  The police were thanked for their efforts.


6.00    FROM THE LAST MEETING           

A general discussion took place with the following points raised:

Connections to Holyhead at Shrewsbury

The changing at Shrewsbury onto Holyhead trains appears to have been

improved from the London/Birmingham direction.  The trains from the West

Coast still appear to have some difficulties getting the connection.  WTC to



All Party Westminster Parliament Rail Group (Mark Williams MP)

There is a Westminster meeting with Rail Companies and in the future and maybe the group may wish sometime to meet with this meeting.

This item is to stay on the agenda for future meetings.



The Community Plan prepared by Welshpool has indentified lack of local knowledge. To help a town guide is being produced and will be in place by Easter.  Also there are to be more maps and some VDU interactive TV screens around town to supplement the maps giving up to date information.


7.00    RAIL DEVELOPMENT OFFICERS REPORT (published on the web site)

The rail development officer’s was posted on the web site prior to the meeting.

There are a number of initiatives which are aimed at tourists and employers to encourage use of the train services.   The Cambrian Safari Gazer is now in production following the success of the other publications.


There was comment made that there appeared to be very little publicity with regard to the suspending of rail services during the past week.


8.00    ARRIVA TRAINS REPORT (published on the web site)

The Arriva Trains was issued prior to the meeting and was published on the web site.

The new ETMS is to be completed on Sunday and will be in operation on Monday 28th March.  The Chair highlighted that this is most welcome, however there maybe some teething troubles to be expected.


Generally there have been no complaints from students.


The information at Birmingham New Street has improved since the trains have been running through to Birmingham International.



The Network Rail Report was issued at the meeting giving an update on the ER    TMS.



The meeting considered the problems of the 4 farms affected with regard to crossings at Telerddig.  Trains speeds will increase substantially to 60mph in due course.  The meeting suggested that an audible bell and or light system could be put in place.  The secretary is to make such a suggestion to Network Rail.


11.00   TraCC REPORT (published on the web site)

A report was given from TraCC

There are a number of projects which were highlighted:


Improvements to access and interchange facilities at Machynlleth

Improvements to various stations on the route

Carno and Bow Street station proposals are going through the process still.

(Students would find Bow Street useful)

Improvements at Dovey Junction station


12.00    WEB SITE

The Web Site is now up and running at  http://www.welshpooltowncouncil.com/railwaypage.htm



The secretary will provide a financial report at each meeting now that a bank account is open.

The meeting RESOLVED that the constitution be altered and:


a)      that elections for Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary should take place every

four yours at the October meeting following a Local Council Election.

b)   that the current positions are confirmed until October 2012 when the elections

will be held at that meeting.

c)   that the annual accounts shall be presented at the October meeting.



The refurbishment of Aberystwyth Station was considered and a request was made for facilities covering those with sight disabilities.

It was also confirmed that the litter on the line at Aberystwyth Station is due to be cleared shortly.



A)        A newsletter A4 doubled sided to be produced by the secretary for publicity.

B)        Press release to be prepared by the Police as passed onto the secretary.

C)        Talerddig crossings – a letter to be sent to Network Rail and a copy to

Phil Jackson at PCC suggesting audible and or lights at the crossing points.

D)        Press release for the web site to be prepared by Arriva Trains and TraCC,

this to be sent to the secretary and the chair.

E)        A link to be made from the web site to the Cambrian Rail Liason Group site

(if they have one)

F)         Hourly train service – date to be chased up by TraCC and the secretary.



To aid the meeting management all items or questions are to be on the agenda and notified to the secretary at least one week before the meeting.

These will be added to the agenda on the web site.  This will ensure that the reports will have a correct time allotment.



To be Friday 28th October 2011 at 11.15am at Welshpool Town Hall

To be Friday 30th March 2012. at 11.15am at Welshpool Town Hall