12th October 2012


MINUTES of a meeting held at the

Town Hall Welshpool on Friday 12th October 2012 at 11.15am



Cllr M Williams Chair                  Shropshire Council

Cllr T Roberts                            West Coast 250

Ben Davies                               Arriva Trains Wales

Rhydian Mason                         Cambrian Railways Partnership

Robin Smith                              Rail Freight Group

Angus Eicknoff                         SARPA

Roger Goodhew                        Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth Rail Passengers


Robert Robinson                       Secretary


1. Chairman’s Welcome

The Chair welcomed the attendees to the meeting.

The Chair confirmed their thoughts for the situation in Machynlleth at this time.


2. Presentation by Robin Smith (Freight on the Cambrian Line)

A presentation was received from Robin Smith on the Freight situation in the UK and Mid Wales with regard to rail usage.


3. DVD on safety

The meeting was able to see the new Safety DVD issued by the Cambrian Railways Partnership.


4. Apologies for absence

There were apologies of absence received from:

Cllr A Wallbank              Caersws Community Council

M Williams                    MP

C Wilson                       TRacc

Cllr  Jones Williams       Gwynedd Council

Cllr F Torrens                Newtown Town Council

PCC D Davies               Police

Cllr M Willians               Machynlleth Town Council


5. Election of a vice chair

This matter is to be held over to the next meeting.


6. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a correct record.


7. Matters arising from the minutes

The secretary confirmed the actions taken since the last meeting. Two matters were discussed arising from the minutes:


            Footbridge at Welshpool

The surface of the footbridge has been completed but was not considered to be well done, the surfaces are rising and there are places where it has been pinned down with extra bolts etc.  The secretary will raise the matter with Mark Fitch of PCC who is responsible for the works.


            Attendance at meetings

The attendance at the last two meetings has been poor. For the next meeting the agenda will be sent by post as well as email.  Also the secretary is to discuss with the Chair the possibility of joining several similar meetings together.


8.  Accounts

The secretary gave an outline of the accounts. Although there had been cheques received from Ceredigion and Shropshire to date nothing has been received from Powys County Council.


The secretary shall write to all three County Councils seeking funding for the year 2014 to 2015.


9. Report from Arriva Trains Wales

A report, posted on the web site, was received from Arriva Trains Wales.


10. Report from the Rail Development Officer

 A report, posted on the web site, was received from the Cambrian Rail Partnership.


11. Report from Network Rail

 A report, posted on the web site, was noted.


12. TRacc Report

 A report, posted on the web site, was noted.


13. Hourly Service

A wide ranging discussion with the following of note:

Concern over differing information.

Works to sort out ETRMS and other issues to be completed by September 2013.

Enhanced service due 2104/2015.

SARPA was asked to speak to the Chair about any issues.

Arriva Trains Wales has more information but is not willing to pass this on to this meeting.

Commuter travel will increase during peak periods for commuting.


It was agreed that the secretary shall write to each Town and Community Council on the route to see what issues they see when an enhanced service is implemented that affect their particular stations.


The Group should put pressure on the WAG to ensure funding for such an enhanced service.


14. Correspondence

There was no correspondence to receive.


15.  Machynlleth

TraCC doesn’t have enough money/ any spare money this year (2012/13) or currently anticipated for next year (2013/14) to afford to provide match-funding towards the scheme. We have explained this to various individuals and organisations on several occasions and this is a clear and consistent position. TraCC wrote to provide in principle support to ATW when they applied for the DfT Access for All Grant but clearly stated that our financial contribution would be subject to having sufficient funds available. Our funding comes as Regional Transport Capital Grant from the Welsh Government and is submitted to the Welsh Government as an Annual Delivery Plan for their approval of its content and subsequent allocation of grant funding. Our proposed Programme for 2012/13 did not include the Machynlleth project but was approved by the Welsh Government at that time (March 2012). All funding for this year is committed with no sign of ‘slippage’.


16. Other matters

SARPA informed the meeting that they were trying to get the local bus to stop at the station. It was suggested by the secretary that SAPA should talk to the local Town or Community Councils on such matters as they are often active.


16. Dates and Venues for the next meetings

The dates for future meetings were agreed as:


Friday   22nd March 2013

Friday   5th July 2013

Friday   24th Oct 2013


All meetings at held at 11.15am in the Town Hall Welshpool.


The Chair is to consider not having a buffet at the meetings due to cost etc.



17. Actions to be taken:

The following actions are to be taken following the meeting:


A)                  Consideration to be given to the buffet lunch provision.

B)                  Secretary to speak to Mark Fitch on the Welshpool Footbridge.

C)                  Chair and Secretary to consider WAG position on enhanced service.

D)                 Chair and Secretary to consider combining meetings of interested groups.

E)                  Vice Chair to be considered at next meeting.

F)                  Agenda and minutes to be sent out by post next time.

G)                 Letters seeking funding from three County Councils to be sent.