5th September 2013


MINUTES Of a meeting held at the 

Town Hall Welshpool at 11.15am on 5th September 2013


Present were:

Cllr M Williams (Chair and Shropshire council)

Cllr T Roberts  (Vice Chair and Barmouth Town Council)

Rhydian Mason TraCC,

Cllr M Williams (Powys County Council & Machynlleth Town Council),

Cllr R  Quant (Ceredigion County Council)

Alun Williams (Ceredigion County Council)

Cllr J Thorpe (Newtown Town Council)

Angus Eickhoff (SARPA)

Robert Robinson (Secretary and Welshpool Town Council)



1.        Apologies for absence

There were apologies received from:

The Vice Chancellor of Aberystwyth University

Mark Lewis

Matt Johnson

Cllr Barry Thomas

Cllr E Jones-Williams

R Goodhew


2.        Minutes of the last meeting  March 2013

As this meeting was a special meeting the minutes of the last meeting are to be approved at the next full meeting to be held on 1st November 2013.


3.     Enhanced Rail Service


3.1   Introduction and the survey

The Secretary gave a short presentation on where we are now following the meeting with Edwina Hart Minister at the Welsh Assembly.

A report setting out the survey details required was issued.

The purpose of the survey is to ascertain the need for an enhanced service and to make recommendations to the Minister on an improved service including tourist trains.


The meeting discussed the survey and service requirements with the following points of particular note:


a)                      It was felt that a paramount of what level of response should perhaps be ascertained.

b)                      Figures regarding passenger numbers maybe obtained from Arriva Trains.

c)                       The Survey needs to include the big businesses.

d)                      Middle towns along the line need to be included in some way.

e)                      Computers at drop in centres maybe worthwhile.

f)                         Computer readable forms maybe a good idea.


Any other comments need to be with the Secretary no later than Wednesday 11th September 2013.


3.2         The need for support

Rhydian Mason addressed the meeting and urged full support for the survey work.  He pointed out that if we not get this one right it maybe 10 years before we have another chance.


3.3         Contacts for various areas of the line

The contacts for each area of the line being surveyed have been spit up as follows:


i)     Shrewsbury                            Mansel Williams

ii)     Welshpool to Caersws            Robert Robinson

iii)     Machynlleth to Aberystwyth    Rhydian Mason

iv)    Coast Line                               Trevor Roberts


3.4         Funding

The WAG is to fund the survey and £10,000 will be set aside for the project.


3.5         Final report and survey results

The survey results and comments will be scheduled at Welshpool.

The final report when completed will be presented to a meeting of the Liaison Committee before it goes to Edwina Hart.


4.0       Strategic Rail Partnership for Mid Wales

The Chair outlined the proposals for a strategic rail group for Mid Wales.

This case is being taken forward after the survey has been completed.

A copy of the management structure is attached to the minutes.


5.0    Cambrian Line Groups

It is suggested by the Minister that perhaps the Main Line and Coast Line groups should combine to form a single liaison committee.

It was AGREED that Cllr T Roberts be appointed to represent the group on the Cambrian Line Committee to bring about the joint group.



6.0    The future of the Liaison Committee

The Committee has grown in importance over the last few years and therefore there is a need for a more business active approach.
To meet this need the meeting AGREED that the following would be implemented with immediate effect:

The main Liaison Committee to meet quarterly

There shall be an executive formed to meet in between meetings

The Executive shall comprise the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.


7.0   Annual meeting

The group is to hold an annual meeting with approval of accounts in the normal way at the first meeting following the end of year of 31st March.


8.0    Financial Report

The Secretary issued a financial report which was received.


9.0    Future agenda item

Angus raised the subject of a Tourist Train Service and steam. This item is to be taken as an agenda item for the next meeting.


10.    Dates for future meetings

The date of the next meeting is to be 1st November 2013 at 11.15am at Welshpool Town Hall.