Approved Constitution




CONSTITUTION – reviewed 9th May 2014



(Hereinafter referred to as the Forum)

2 Objects

The objects of the Forum shall include:

Discussion on common issues between its membership regarding the main line between Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth

To receive updates on matters affecting the main line from Arriva Trains Wales, Network Rail, Rail Partneship, Police and other relevant bodies.

To influence and aid enhancements to the main line services betweenShrewsbury and Aberystwyth.

3 Membership

3.1 Membership shall be open to Ceredigion, Gwynedd, Powys and Shropshire County Councils, Town & Community Councils who have a station along or are close to the line, Cambrian Rail Partnership, Aberystwyth University and SARPA, the Train Operator, Network Rail, TraCC, British Transport Police, Passenger Focus.

3.2 Welsh Government Officers, local MP’s and AM’s will also be invited to the meeting.

3.3 There shall be no Membership fees unless so agreed at the General Meeting.

3.4 All members joining the Forum shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution.

3.5 There are no restrictions on the number of members who may attend such meetings.

4 Management

4.1 The affairs of the Forum shall be conducted at the Forum Meetings by the elected officers of the Forum.

4.2 The Officers of the Forum who shall be honorary shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer who shall be elected at the first meeting following a local government election and then at an Annual General Meeting which shall be held at the first available meeting following 31st March each year.   The annual accounts shall be presented at the first available meeting following 31st March each year.

If the post of any officer should fall vacant after such an election and before the AGM following, the Forum shall have the power to fill the vacancy in the interim.

4.3 All Officers shall be members of the Forum.

5 General Meetings

5.1 The Forum shall hold a Annual General Meeting as soon as possible following the 31st March each year.

5.1.1 At the general meeting the meeting shall elect the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer.

5.1.2 Consider changes to the Constitution.

5.1.3 Appoint independant examiners for the Forum accounts. (if appropriate)

5.2 Extraordinary General meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by an application in writing to the Secretary supported by at least six members of the Forum. The Chair and Secretary shall also have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting through the Secretary.

5.3 Notices.

At least 14 days notice shall be given to all members of any Extraordinary General Meeting.

Such notice to be given via the Web Site at and in writing.  (Notice shall be deemed to be given if it is posted on the web site).

5.4 Voting

5.4.1 With the exception of changes to the Constitution, decisions put to a vote shall be resolved by simple majority at ordinary meetings.

5.4.2 The Chairman shall hold a deliberative as well as a casting vote.

5.4.3 At all meetings, each elected representative present shall carry one vote.

5.5 Quorum

The quorum at Meetings shall be at least 6 members.

5.6 Changes to the Constitution

5.6.1 Any change to the Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote at a General Meeting.

5.6.2 Notice shall be given to all voting members of any General Meeting as specified in 5.3 and then any proposal to change the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

5.6.3 All proposals for changes to the Constitution shall be signed by two members eligible to vote a General Meeting.

6 Finance and Accounts

6.1 The financial year end shall be 31st March.

6.2 The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of annual accounts of the Forum.

6.3 The accounts shall be independantly examined (if requested by the Annual Meeting) by an independent person elected by the annually by the Annual General meeting.

6.4 All cheques drawn against any funds shall be signed by the Secretary/Treasurer and one other nominated office-bearer.

6.5 A financial report shall be given at each meeting held.

6.6 The forum shall be financed by contribution of grants from the County Councils in amounts as agreed from time to time by the forum. Such grants to be annual.

At present the grand aid requested is £250pa from Powys, Ceredigion and Shropshire Councils.

7 Bye-laws

The Forum shall have the power to publish and enforce such bye-laws as the membership feels necessary to govern the activities of the Forum.

8. Meetings of the Forum

The Forum shall meeting in March, July, September and November.

8.1 The meetings shall be held in Welshpool in January and July/August along with joint meetings with the Cambrian Coast Line in May and October each year at Machynlleth.

8.2  The meetings held in July and November shall be joint with the Cambrian Coast Liaison Conference.

8.3 Further meetings can be held as needed depending upon circumstances.

9 Expulsion of Members

The Forum shall operate a fair system for deciding upon the expulsion of a Member as laid down by the ‘Law of Natural Justice’.

10 Web site

The secretary shall maintain a web site with information for its membership and the address of such site will be hosted at

The web site to include dates of meetings, agenda, minutes, news and up to date information.

11 Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Forum, any assets thereof shall not be distributed amongst the members of the Forum in any way whatsoever but must be allocated to charity.

RAR/9th May 2014