Arriva Trains Wales

 Paper to:  Cambrian Committee 
Author: Ben Davies, Arriva Trains Wales 
Subject: Partner Update
 Date:   22 March 2013 


1  Train Service Performance 

For rail periods 1307, 1308, 1309 and 1310 (four weeks ending 05 January 2013), Arriva Trains Wales’ (ATW) Public Performance Measure (PPM) figures were recorded as 93.75% (94.5%), 92.4% (93.0%), 92.3% (93.2%) and 91.6% (92.1%) respectively, the figures shown in brackets are the PPM figures for the corresponding periods of the previous year. The moving annual average is recorded as slightly down at 93.5% (prior year 93.9%).

For the four periods considered here, undoubtedly the dominant feature has been infrastructure problems and particularly flooding on various parts of our network. The extent of flooding has been compounded by the length of time it has taken to resolve the problem. Whilst we acknowledge that rainfall has been at historically high levels in Wales, we are concerned about the more prone sites and how these can be addressed in the long term.

Pleasingly, the instances of cable theft have diminished and the effects of the leaf-fall season did not impact too significantly on train services, reflecting well on the processes followed by all the parties involved. The most serious single incident in the quarterly period occurred on 22 December when there was a combination of flooding on the mainline between Newport and Swansea and a total signal failure for the Valleys network. These problems occurred simultaneously and from mid- morning to mid-afternoon we were unable to operate trains anywhere in South Wales.

Not linked to the periods mentioned above, snow began to affect South Wales train services badly on 18 January, however signalling/points failures were the main causes of delays and cancellations. All ATW winterisation procedures worked extremely well with train availability high but station staff were challenged in the clearing of platforms for much of the following week. A review of preparedness is underway.

Throughout the four periods above, our Fleet has performed extremely well and we have tried hard to ensure that customers are properly informed during periods of service disruption.


Cambrian Performance

Performance on the Cambrian has improved period on period at the last period the Coast was achieving 99.6% one of the best ever. The main line was 93.2% again one of the highest for a number of years.


2 Station Projects      

DDA works


  • Machynlleth NSIP (below)
  • Station Humps – Trial site for alternative construction method to be Builth ad.
  • Ticket office DDA counter – Works completed at 3 stations and continue until end March at a further 8.


ATW Instigated projects



  • Ticket Vending Machines – Designs agreed for first 12 of 63 machines and with NR for approval. Installations to commence early April for period of 4 months.


NSIP projects


  • CIS – Phase 8 of the CIS fitment programme has commenced, six of the sixteen stations are currently underway.





The scheme includes the switching of the waiting room on platform 4/7 with the customer service area to create a walk-in pod. Improvements to public toilets consultants have provided new proposals for scheme. Proposed design agreed in principle, comments collated have been forwarded to BDP.



Improvements to station, including redecoration, additional platform seating, improvements to the toilets and waiting room, enhancements to CCTV and CIS, new canopy and forecourt area. Improvements to ticket office, potential retail unit. The

listed building consent has been granted for the works excluding the canopy.  A re-design of the canopy will be undertaken by NR design and build contractor as part of the detailed design. A stakeholder meeting has been planned for 22nd March to discuss these works.



On-site surveys underway for access for all


Further information will be available at the conference.