MEETING – Friday 22nd November 2019.


The next meeting of the Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Rail Liaison Committee is to be on Friday 22nd November 2019 at 11.15am.  Agenda and details are posted here.

Minutes of the general meeting will be posted here.

Minutes of meeting with Welsh Government (July 2019) are posted here.

Transport for Wales responses to queries are posted here.

The Cambrian Rail Partnership Report is posted here.

The Transport for Wales Report is posted here.

Link to Freight line report is posted here.


There are plans being put together by Welsh Government and the Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Rail Liaison Committe working with Welshpool Town Council.

The improvements being considered include:

Extended car parking.

Better access.

Bus interchange facility for a Cardiff bus direct.

Better information at the station.

There may be other improvements as well.

The survey being carried out is to inform the working group and to enable a final report for taking the project forward to be completed.

The survey to support this work has been completed. The results will be published soon.